Girls Day 2017

Girls Day 2017

Marrying into a culturally diverse family means learning about traditions outside of your own. Cam's mother is Okinawan/Japanese and they've openly celebrated cultural traditions since I've known them. One celebration that I love and am glad that they still celebrate is Girls Day, also known as Hinamatsuri or momo no sekku. Traditionally, parents or grandparents of [...]



Before I forget, our last family photo of 2016. We took this before we ran outside to play with pop-its. Despite not having actual firecrackers, Logan had a great time. Next year, I hope to be in Sydney, Australia. (Just booked my room a few mins ago!) So, here's to 2017! May it bring you [...]

Sweet memories.

My dad used to get me this Terry's Chocolate ball when I was growing up. It's a chocolate orange that you whack (really hard) and unwrap. I try to buy one for myself during the holidays because I want to keep my own tradition alive. I always thought the chocolate was a little too sweet [...]