Winter in Hawaii.

Hope ya'll had an amazing weekend! We didn't get to the beach but two days at the pool made up for that. #sunkissed 



Travel tip #2. The moment you get back from traveling, put everything away. Never leave it for later or tomorrow (unless it's a red eye and you'rereally tired). I know you're tired and wanting to just be back home but believe me, the moment you put everything away and that suitcase is back in it's [...]


Shirt: Top Banana Republic | Dress: (Red/Black Striped) H&M } White Dress Shirt: F21 | Blouse: Banana Republic | Blue Dress and Green Cardigan: Nordstrom | Black Striped Jacket: F21 | Grey Cardigan: Old Navy Traveling for work sounds fun (sometimes it could be) but it's exhausting and lonely. Thanks to some wonderful job opportunities, I've been able to [...]


Before I forget, our last family photo of 2016. We took this before we ran outside to play with pop-its. Despite not having actual firecrackers, Logan had a great time. Next year, I hope to be in Sydney, Australia. (Just booked my room a few mins ago!) So, here's to 2017! May it bring you [...]

Hello 2017

Yikes! How did 2017 creep up so fast? I'm late on my resolutions but I wanted to write something realistic and attainable. None of this lose weight, feel great, eat better crap. That's stuff we should all be doing on a regular basis. We're adults (most). There were a few things that I really wanted [...]