Traditions: Kinako Mochi

Having lived in Hawaii for the past four/five years, I've started adapting to the Japanese, Hawaiian Traditions over my own Filipino ones.I told myself this year would be the year that I started showing Logan more of our Filipino culture and I'll document that here as we go. Every New Years Day, Cam's mom makes [...]


Snaps and Snacks.

Jeans: One Teaspoon - Awesome Baggies | Shirt: Nordstrom | Cardigan: H&M kids Came home to my most recent Chatbooks order and cracked up as I thumbed through the pages of Logan's Snapchats. I've never actually posted any of them but I'm glad that I kept them all. Logan calls it "Snatchat" and it's a [...]

Taste of Tokyo

I know I just complained about holiday weight gain and here I go posting about food again. I was going through photos and I came across my Tokyo trip. No surprise there, it was filled with nothing but food pics! I felt like I ate and drank every thing and if it was cute and [...]