Blue Tree, you stole my heart.

Blue Tree, you stole my heart.

There is this amazing place called Blue Tree Cafe on Kapiolani  Blvd. that has the most magical gluten free chocolate chip cookie. I swear I thought it was vegan too but I can't remember. Either way, they warm it up for you and it's gooey and heart warming and you're rung up by these sweet [...]


Starbucks Rewards

Took long enough (and spent enough lol) but I finally got my Starbucks Gold Card. All those weekend trips finally got me to this point. I ended up giving Logan the card and uploading the card onto the app. Starbucks has definitely made ordering much easier/faster with their pick up. If you haven't gotten this [...]

Weekend Recap

The weekend wasn't cooperating with us. A very annoying storm hit bringing tons of scattered showers and then there was a water main break at the beginning of the Kahala area which caused tons of traffic heading back to our house. This left us with attempting to order in from Bite Squad (fail), ordering pizza [...]