From where I stand.

Slippers: Valentino | Pants: One Teaspoon | Champagne: 1970 Cristal | Bracelets: Cartier How's your 2017 so far? How are your resolutions? I actually failed to add - stop drinking soda on my list of bad habits. A week in and I'm doing pretty good lol. I've read two out of the 25 books that I planned for [...]


Uncorked: Schramsberg

Shirt: Say | Watch: Batman for Lego  I've been lucky that Don (Cam's Stepdad) is a wine connoisseur. That means that I will always be offered glass of something delicious. This "Uncorked" series is going to document all the bottles that we've uncorked. This particular brand is a staple in Don's wine cabinet. Celebrating a holiday? [...]