Kate Somerville x Exfolikate 

Kate Somerville x Exfolikate 

Let me start off by saying this stuff smells pretty bad. My hands were all wet and gross so I didn't get a chance to take a photo but when it comes out it's green and gritty. I followed instructions - applied to a clean face - gently rubbed on for 30 seconds and then [...]


Weekend Recap

The weekend wasn't cooperating with us. A very annoying storm hit bringing tons of scattered showers and then there was a water main break at the beginning of the Kahala area which caused tons of traffic heading back to our house. This left us with attempting to order in from Bite Squad (fail), ordering pizza [...]


Travel tip #2. The moment you get back from traveling, put everything away. Never leave it for later or tomorrow (unless it's a red eye and you'rereally tired). I know you're tired and wanting to just be back home but believe me, the moment you put everything away and that suitcase is back in it's [...]

Music & Movies

Cam and originally bought me tickets to the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra's presentation of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in Concert. Coincidentally, the show was on the same night that I was scheduled to come back from LA. I damn near cried when I found out. Cam managed to change the ticket date/time for the [...]