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Welcome to Camelo Grey! Here you’ll find all of our the daily parenting struggles, lots of food and restaurant photos, bits of beauty, fashion, travel and of course, our journey into “blogging”.  We had a really difficult time trying to figure a blog name so if you haven’t figured it out already, Camelo Grey is a combination of all our names! Thank you for following, reading and taking the time to like this page. Hope you find everything here as humorous as we do and don’t hesitate to ask us any questions along the way!

xoxo –

Cameron, Gemma and Logan




I  first started Aloha Yems in 2011 to chronicle the big move from California to Hawaii. Aloha Yems became a creative outlet for me to document quite a mix of things. It stared from sharing our new life, all the exiting events that happen in Hawaii, food/restaurants, travel, free products to review and of course, our journey into parenthood. It had no direction, no reasoning and it became a place for me to write about all the free products we received and over all it was just a mess. As we all grew older, I decided to transition the page into a new family  lifestyle blog and welcomed this opportunity to really curate all of our lives on one page. Some of the posts will be a little older, just things I missed and wanted to really keep as a memory. Most of it will be new adventures – like the whole family signing with Kathy Muller Agency!

We can’t wait to see where this blog goes and hope you join us for the ride.


Hi! I’m the better half of Gemma! I was born and raised in Hawaii, went to school in California where I met Gem and we both moved back to Hawaii in 2011. I’m the one you’ll see in the photos and what you won’t see is me trying to keep Logan’s attention while Gem take’s his photos. I’m also very new to “modeling” and “blogging” but I’m here for the ride and am excited to see where this goes! Thanks for following!


My mommy is writing this as I answer her questions:

I like pizza, hot dogs and gold fish. I like super fast spaceships, red fire ninjas and I don’t like ChiChi Batman (Elf) because he scares me. I like swimming, going to school and we have a fish at school named Mr. Bubbles Fancy Pants and a gecko named Pascal. I love my Grandmas, Grandpa’s, all my cousins, and Boomer (family dog).