Fishes, Friends and Fun.

Logan’s school had their annual welcome back event at the Waikiki Aquarium. We arrived 30 mins earlier – because Cam had to actually work the event – and scored amazing parking.  Since I had to work that morning, I missed out on Logan/Mommy time so I wanted to have a special moment between the two of us. So Logan and I stopped at Barefoot Cafe (which had the crankiest workers) prior to the event starting. We ordered a strawberry shave ice to share and I swear it could have fed an entire family, it was so big. They have great views and the homeless people were no where to be found so it was a very peaceful 30 mins. The Waikiki Aquarium is relatively small and I wish people would stop comparing it to some aquarium that they’ve recently visited. It’s small, old and slightly dilapidated –  we get it. They do however have a large park area where all the families got to set up and have dinner. Logan’s school does a great job of hosting these events – about 300-400 attendees and the event is run by the school staff with the assistance of the school board (Thanks Cam!). The food is pretty good – basic bentos, and they offer cookies and milk at the end of the event for the kids. Logan had a little melt down over another kids toy and it’s hard trying to explain to a four year old that not all children share the way he does. We’ve taught Logan that sharing, being polite and being well behaved is essential in life and sometimes it doesn’t work out in his favor. One of Logan’s friends mom quietly asked me if he’s okay and after explaining the situation to her she told me that her family felt that Logan was such a polite young boy and they understand why he’s so upset.  As mad as I was for his outburst, I’m glad that he’s such a kind kid.


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