Oahu Country Club

We had a little family dinner at Oahu Country Club on Friday evening – minus Cam who was at Art After Dark with some friends. It’s been a while since I’ve been back here but I was pretty impressed with the new menu. Don (Cam’s Dad) said they changed it a while back and they’re constantly changing it but I hope this time around, they keep it this way. They offered their usual appetizer list – but added tater tot nachos as well as (fancier) bentos. I didn’t order the nachos but book marked it in my mind for a future order. Cam’s mom got a warm spinach salad that was drowning in dressing but they said it was tasty none the less. There was an event going on in their main dining area and I managed to take a sneak peak at the food they were serving and it looked really good as well. I failed to take photos of our food but did manage to get this shot of Logan’s brownie and ice cream. I feel like OCC rarely had chocolate items on their dessert menu so this was a pleasant change. Logan was happy of course.


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