Ko’Olina Children’s Festival

This was our first time attending Ko’Olina Children’s Festival, which was held right outside of Aulani. We were kind of grateful for the overcast weather because I could only imagine what that day would be like if it were blazing hot like it normally is.

Cam and I usually shy away from events outside of Honolulu because 1. the traffic 2. the parking 3. the crowds. This event wasn’t overly crowded but I think that was due to the hefty price tag ($25.00 pre-sale for adults, $30 at the door and $15.00 for kids.) A family of four would be $80.00 just to get in and that’s not including the cost of food – which at a resort, is pretty pricey. We actually didn’t get pay attention to the flyer that was handed to us when we arrived – which I totally regret. There were so many events going on that we missed because we were waiting in line for an animal balloon and some games. We also spent way too much time deciding on whether or not I should purchase a Shellie May backpack! I didn’t get it if you’re wondering.

The event also had movies playing throughout the Aulani property as well as a golf demo – that I’m really sad we missed. They also had a screening of Beauty and the Beast that we missed because we opted to have dinner instead. Funny enough, they were hosting an Instagram contest and right as we were about to leave, I heard my IG name get called so I scrambled back to the beach to get our prize. I swear to you, Logan is my IG lucky charm. He managed to win us dinner at Pizza Corner as well as movie tickets and a Jamba Juice gift card.

We had a great time and I’m very thankful to Yelp Hawaii for giving us these tickets. I would recommend this event but do pay attention to the flyer lol.


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