Breakfast at Allen Hess’s

Breakfast is one of my absolute  favorite meals. I love the combination of bacon and mimosas and more mimosas. When I go on vacation, I always make an effort to visit a local coffee shop or restaurant that is known for their breakfast/brunches. While in Kona, Mai’s Grille by Allen Hess was that spot. Located in the Waikoloa Beach Resort, Mai’s Grill was conveniently located near the hotel, had easy parking and gorgeous views of the golf course.

When we arrived, it was fairly empty but within a few minutes of being seated, the families started pouring in for brunch. There were only two servers at the time so the service was a little slow but the workers were very sweet nonetheless. I really wanted to try their biscuits and gravy but since I usually share with Logan (I can’t wait until those days are over!), I opted for the island breakfast and of course we for the extra 1/2lb of bacon for the table. The food was great, especially Cam’s banana pancake and I love any restaurant that uses sourdough for their toast! This place is cute and very family oriented!


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