One bottle each.

Our friends set up a really fun get together at a local Moroccan / Lebanese restaurant  called Kanzaman – who actually just opened up a spot in Kaimuki! That was perfect for us because we didn’t have to go into Chinatown deal with the parking. I did a really poor job of documenting our dinner but we had an assortment of appetizers, entrees, wines (as you can tell) and desserts! I’m not that big of a fan of veggie based meals but the selections were tasty nonetheless. I had a mussels dish that reminded me of how much I love seafood stews and I wish I just had that plus fries for my dinner lol. My entree was a merguez shakshuka which I was hoping would be more rich but it was fairly dry and had only one egg. Having ordered that last night is now tempting me to recreate the dish at home with  another type of sausage and not the lamb.  (Stay tuned for that.) The waitress was kind enough to comp our desserts and I basically ate the most of it (per usual). 

One of the harder things you deal with as you grow up is bringing wine to dinners. You have to decide on whites, reds, Italians, French, etc. You start questioning your wine selecting skills but end up trying to google what goes well with whatever you’re eating. Don (Cam’s dad), recommend a nice Italian Rosé which of course isn’t the easiest to fine in a grocery store but Foodland Farms in Aina Haina has a pretty good selection. We opted for a Cabernet Sauvignon by Uppercut and a Rosé but I can’t remember the actual brand. Both were good choices but after it was all said and done, those five bottles were demolished way too fast. 

If you’re looking to try something new, check Kanzaman out! 


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