Sunday’s and Shaka Bowls 

I’ve been following Art and Flavors Hawaii on Instagram for a while now but sadly, I’ve missed everyone one of their events. They announced that they were going to have a shopping event today from 11am- 3pm so we made our way over after watching Despicable Me 3. It was a pretty quick walk through and due to the heat, we were only able to try Shaka Bowls and buy a shirt for Lo. Cam bought us both spicy ahi bowls and the one pictured is a size M for $9.00. When you see it in person it looks kind of small but after we started eating, it’s more than you expected. I’ve also been stalking Izzy and Luke IG page and was glad they were here today. Now that I know how ridiculously soft their tees are, I’ll definitely be back for more. I actually wanted to go to Kira Hawaii which is a local jewelry designer but there were just too many people around the table and I hate crowds/heat. It doesn’t make for a fun shopping experience. It was a cute little pop up and if you happen to be in Hawaii Kai, I suggest checking it out! 


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