Bikini’s on my mind!

One thing you can always find in the bathrooms of our household are swimsuits, swim trunks and now rash guards. Prior to having Logan I lived in sexy two pieces from Chynna Dolls, L Space  and Vix and now I’m in somewhat sexy one pieces from  anywhere – as long as they don’t pop out my goodies when waves hit! Some of my most favorite pieces happen to be from Old Navy and they really covered everything from quality, comfort and style! 

To be honest, I was really uncomfortable with my body after having Logan. I never went back to my pre-baby size and I know I may never get there. I did realize that life is too short to not have fun with my son because I’m not comfortable in a bikini! With that said, here’s to all the burger eating bikini wearing, no abs having moms and non-moms that wear whatever the hell they want! Be you!

Happy (belated) National Bikini Day!  


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