Shave ice, not snow cones

Sometimes I feel like Island Vintage Shave Ice is on this mission to kill me. I’m lactose intolerant and every time I’ve ordered something from IVS, there has been some hidden milk product or ice cream in my order. Despite being very clear, no dairy and no ice cream. (Don’t get me wrong, I can have small amounts of dairy but with a lactaid and more than enough notice lol!) The worst part is seeing the worker’s face and that look of – this is your fault you should of checked. Anyways, if you couldn’t tell. Logan and I love shave ice. We have our favorites (Waiola’s) and there was a point that we were splitting one each weekend. It was our must have treat before we went home from the beach. Island Vintage is hard to pass up when you’re in Waikiki and if the line isn’t long, it’s worth grabbing one. Take a seat in the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center grass area and just people watch. I also love seeing Logan’s face light up when he see’s the shave ice coming in his direction. It probably makes my face light up when I see it too lol! There are a lot of places to get shave ice on the island but if I would rank my favorites it would go something like this:

  1. Waiola Shave Ice
  2. Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha
  3. Island Vintage Shave Ice
  4. Shimazu
  5. The Local
  6. Island Snow

As you can see, Matsumotos isn’t on that list and that’s because it’s not that great. Save yourself the trip to North Shore and try one of these places instead. Btw I really like island snow but I rarely head out to Kailua so don’t get all crazy since it’s #6 on my list lol. 


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