Boats and Bobs

The Hilton Waikoloa is such a beautifully designed property. Everywhere you turn, there’s art, figurines or just intricate designs on the walls. They also offer three modes of transportation to get around their vast property – tram, boat or walk. Due to the weather last night, we were only able to catch the tram and the boat only operates between 2pm and 10pm! Well, we finally caught the boat early this evening and made our way over to the Lagoon Grill for dinner. We even managed to order, eat and get out of there before their closing time if 8pm. The worker didn’t make us feel that rushed but we didn’t get the chance to grab dessert so we stopped at one of the sundries shops to get some ice cream. I opted for the one popsicle that was dairy free and it turned out to be this terrifying Sponge Bob popsicle. Logan ended up “trading” with me because his was the one pictured above lol. I’m actually looking forward to trying Shaka Shaka Cones tomorrow to make up for this monstrosity they call a Sponge bob popsicle  lol. The Hilton properties are very much self contained and that’s one of the things I like about it. 


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