Mina’s Foodie Island.

Another annoying late post. When The Street opened up, it happened to coincide with our friends visiting from California. We were already in Waikiki and after grabbing drinks at Rivals, Cam and I walked over to International Market Place to take a peek at the new restaurants. I had originally planned on getting ramen from my favorite place but I opted for trying Ayesha Curry’s new spot called International Smoke. The concept was southern bbq with international flavors. What I tasted was a confused mixture of food that didn’t necessarily belong together. My favorite item on the menu was their mac and cheese and that was primarily due to the meat bits that they added as a topping. Their curry corn was horrible and made absolutely no sense. Two plates ended up costing over $40 and as you can see on my cafeteria style plate, it wasn’t much food. The other gripe I had was their corn bread was dry. The Street is a very gorgeous build out with high priced food/drink offerings. At the time, a lot of the restaurants were still closed so we didn’t really get to see what everyone had to offer. We did get a $11 or $15 beer which was like – WTF?!!!

Cam also happened to spot Mrs. Curry herself so we took the opportunity to snap a photo with her before she ran off. We also found Michael Mina and Roy I believe was there as well. It was an exciting evening and I’m glad that we just happened to be at the right place at the right time.


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