Whatever floats your boat.

The weekend is almost here and we’re headed to the Big Island for a quick family trip. It’s pretty funny that our vacations bring us from one beach to another! Oh and there’s not much difference from our normal weekends which consist of beaches, food and naps! Regardless, I’m glad to get away and my only real goal this weekend is to relax. 

I’m also hoping the weather will be good and there are no signs of rain, etc. There was this situation with King Tides happening in Hawaii earlier this month that caused us to have to head to the pool and because of that I went on a floaty craze! We picked up this cool airplane floaty at Ross of all places for $7.99! It’s probably the hardest, most dangerous floaty to get on but look at that kids face! That fish I’m on is pretty hard to stabilize as well! 

Hope you’re week is quickly wrapping like mines and if you read this and have any fun tips for me about places to go, must eats in Kona, please let me know!!! 


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