Night out at the Yokocho.

I know I’m at the Yokocho a lot and no I don’t work there. I just the space. It reminds me of Japan and the food has always been consistently good – which I love. Yelp held an event here a few weeks (okay probably longer) ago and we jumped at the opportunity to sign up. It was a rotating dining experience where we were given the opportunity to try three restaurants and their bar – which also had food so technically it was like four restaurants. This event finally forced me to eat somewhere else outside of Volcano Ramen and introduced me to Kaneko Hannosuke – which has really delicious tempura bowls. We also won these Waikiki Yokocho glasses that were custom made from Japan and made specifically for the Yokocho. Funny enough, when they said they were doing a giveaway I casually mentioned that Cam would win – and of course, first winner was Cam. I ended up winning a glass shortly after but I believe everyone received a gift so we all were happy in the end. I feel like the Yokocho is constantly changing and since their opening, they’ve added on Marion Crepes and there is still open space for other vendors. I can’t wait to see what other restaurants are added to this location.


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