Summer time.

Living in Hawaii to us is like having a year round summer break. Everyone comes to Hawaii for summer vacation! We’ve had a rotating door of friends and family since May and it’s great knowing summer isn’t over.

We do have a hard time trying to maintain a schedule for Logan especially when we have friends in town. Visitors usually means late dinners during the week or Logan having to stay at the in-laws over the weekend. Luckily for us, he powers through the week with only a little bit of a struggle in the morning. Logan has also learned that he gets two solid days off and those days are filled with trips to the beach, long naps and lots of spam musubi’s!

Last night we had dinner with our friends visiting from California. We had to walk off our ramen filled ย bellies with a quick trip to Foodland (which is a local grocery store). That made me happy because I love this store and of course Logan got some donuts and snacks for the road. Foodland Farms has this beautiful and somewhat cheap selection of plants as well as tons of ready to eat food. They also have a nice little bar area with the most friendliest staff. If you’re staying in Waikiki or even in the Ala Moana area, I highly suggest checking this place out.


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