Cocktails and Company.

My friends Rob & Leslie were visiting HI this past week and it also happened to the weekend that he planned on proposing!  I remember getting a text from Rob saying “mission accomplished” and I had thought it was because Leslie got her state ID at DMV. (I’m dense I know! lol!) Little did I know he had popped the question at Tong’s and of course, she said yes! (The photos were pretty adorable!)

We happened to be in town already and met up with them at Maui Brewing Company for drinks. I haven’t been up there so I was surprised to see how packed it was. After I was done squealing over the ring, we celebrated the engagement and their return to the islands with shots of Jameson for the ladies while listening to stories about drunken purchases at the Gucci store, the high cost of living in HI as well as my current employer and it’s many competitors. It all made for a very memorable conversation in the end. I’m so excited for them and I’m glad they made HI their engagement destination! That’s guaranteed more visits back here in the future!


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