Tanabata at Waikiki Yokocho

Tanabata is celebrated on 07/07 but Waikiki Yokocho started a little early with a quite a few specials throughout their restaurants. We made our usual trek to the Yokocho after a trip to the beach and today we tried Kaneko Hannosuke. They’re known for their delicious tempura bowls with farm to table ingredients. They praise their use of locally sourced Waimanalo eggs which complement their bowls perfectly. For the week of Tanabata, Kaneko Hannosuke will be offering a 7 shrimp bowl for $14.99 which also includes a tanzaku (a paper for writing wishes) which you could attach to any of the bamboo trees in the Yokocho. Logan wished for a robot while I wished for a big win during our trip to Las Vegas! I love the introducing Logan to different customs and it’s always great to capture these memories!

Head over to Waikiki Yokocho and learn about tanabata! You can also enter to win a $50.00 gift certificate to the Waikiki Yokocho through their social media photo game!


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