Kate Somerville x Exfolikate 

Let me start off by saying this stuff smells pretty bad. My hands were all wet and gross so I didn’t get a chance to take a photo but when it comes out it’s green and gritty. I followed instructions – applied to a clean face – gently rubbed on for 30 seconds and then left on for 2 minutes. I couldn’t run to the bathroom fast enough to wash this off. It’s no joke, my face was burning. As I was washing it off I could feel my skin getting smoother but it’s probably because my face  peeled off. (Just kidding.) For $85.00 a bottle, this is quite pricey and I honestly can’t tell what it did. My face looks the same and it didn’t really give me the glow that I was expecting it to do. People love Kate Somerville and it does have a cult following in Hollywood. I guess I’m not comfortable paying $85.00 for two mins of burning.


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