Honolulu Biennial 2017

As parents, we make an effort to introduce our son to all types of things. Whether its the symphony, a museum or a paint workshop. This kid is four and he’s done more fun things than I’ve done in my life time. The Honolulu Biennial had their closing party just earlier this month and I forgot to post the photos from our actual visit. Both Logan and I fell in love with the gigantic inflatable pig that was right outside the main hub and we all enjoyed spending time in the Team Lab Graffiti Nature Exhibit. That exhibit was very interactive and you basically got to a color a photo which they scanned and that photo would come to life as part of the exhibit. Logan had more fun stomping on his creation because it made a splatter effect each time. The rest of the space was very serene and I enjoyed walking in and out of exhibits. I liked the idea of these exhibits being spread out but it was really hard finding the time to see each and everyone one of them. I wish we had time to attend the closing party as well. Either way, it was a cool experience and I hope they do it again.


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