Honolulu Beer on Tap 2017

So late with this post but our friends invited us to Honolulu Beer on Tap which I highly, highly recommend you go to next year.  I also recommend buying the VIP which gives you a few hours of private tasting so you won’t be like us and try to tackle way too many booths in a very small window of time. We actually rushed for no reason – and I clearly remember saying, “how did we drink so much and it’s only been seven minutes”? This event had some great beers on tap but I’m more partial to ciders – which I found out had way more alcohol content than the beers that the guys were drinking. It was nice meeting some of the beer vendors and tasting all these locally brewed beers as well. One thing that truly made me mad was that some of the food booths were tokens only, some were cash only. Mike’s Dad – the gentleman with the aloha shirt pictured above magically came through with slices of Papa John’s Pizza and I’ve never been more in love with pizza in my life. I guess my biggest take away from this event is:

  1. Pace yourself  – per the sign
  2. Bring snacks – there were tons of people wearing pretzel necklaces, earrings, etc. They don’t check your bags for snacks!
  3. Bring lots of cash – to buy delicious french fries
  4. Bring a loaf of bread – just because (I’m kidding but seriously, that’s all I wanted lol.)
  5. Seriously – buy the VIP ticket. It got way too crazy and the line was insane.
  6. Uber/Lyft, get a ride, something. Don’t drink and drive.
  7. Go with as many wonderful friends as you can because you’ll have the best drunken memories of your life.
  8. For the ladies – the port-o-potties outside were way faster than the ladies restroom. Wash your hands later.
  9. Take lots of photos. It got so chaotic that my photos were great at the beginning and started to get blurry as the day went on. LOL.

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