Sunday’s at The Modern Honolulu

Cam had a model fitting on Sunday so we piggy backed on his trip and spent some time at The Modern Honolulu’s Sunrise Pool. The Modern has a very trendy, chic, Miami vibe to it but on a much smaller scale. Logan and I had a light lunch at The Grove Restaurant and Bar  and I guess we’re still reminiscing about our last stay-cation at The Four Seasons (where everyone was over the top nice) because the service here could be a little better. It took a little over 30 mins to get French fries and a Brie and fig bruschetta and the hotel staff aren’t very friendly – with the exception of one worker who fished out Logan’s police car that made it into the deep end.

Logan for the most part is very behaved and we got very luck with that. I do however really monitor how he behaves in public spaces, I never let him run around, make too much noise, etc. I know that sounds like a mean mom but I want to raise a well behaved child that understands that shopping racks aren’t jungle gyms and restaurants are places to run and hurt yourself. I’ve heard the term let kids be kids but  I was once that that adult without a kid and those types of kids/parents annoyed the hell out of me. The day that we were at the modern there was a family that let their child kick, splash and scream all over the pool – and of course, as adults we smiled and pretended to not be bothered by it. Deep down inside, we’re all thinking the same thing – watch your damn kid he’s getting pool water on our $25 salad! I guess I just have more compassion as a parent for people that don’t have kids. I was there once and I respect people’s decision to not have kids and my decision to have kids shouldn’t affect your trip that you may have worked hard to get. I guess the same can be said for parents that bought that trip so they have the right to do whatever they want but this is my post and these are my opinions. SO basically this post is to say – watch your kids and oh, The Modern has a really great coconut cucumber mojito. I had two!


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