Valentine’s at Turtle Bay Resort

Outfits: Both from Tori Richard)We celebrated (an early) Valentine’s Day at Turtle Bay and I was surprised to find out that there was a Roy’s at the hotel. I thought I was googling wrong and Roy Beach House just kept popping up. So I booked the dinner reservation in hopes that there really was a Roy’s there and yup, there was. This specific Roy’s is more casual and I’m sure that during the right time (lunch and during sunset) the views are spectacular. We happened to be there during dinner and there wasn’t much to look at. We were also sat at the weirdest table/bench area which made it a little difficult to eat.We had opted for the appetizers because both Cam and I are not full meal type people and we made the right choice. We actually went back into our room with a bag full of chicken wings. The sushi was really good and I wish I could order a full rack of their ribs. So good. The build out of this restaurant was beautiful and I felt it was a little more romantic and modern compared to the Roy’s in Hawaii Kai. The service could have been a little better but over all it was a wonderful evening.


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