Travel Diaries: Lessons Learned

(Logan and Hei Hei on their trip to Maui)

Traveling with a kid isn’t easy. They cry, they can’t sit still, they have the shortest attention span and they can’t voice their frustrations to you. We learned a lot these past few years and realized that no amount of reading up on “how to travel with kids”  can prepare you for the chaos of traveling. For the most part, Logan was pretty good so these comments are just little suggestions and hopefully they’ll help you on your journey. Best part!? None of these suggestions includes giving away hand written notes with candy to people sitting around you. (Who the hell does that?!)

1. Stop worrying about what other people think.

2. Stop worrying if you’re taking too long at TSA.

3. Stop worrying if people are getting frustrated that your baby is crying his head off. Just because those people next to you are giving you side eyes or looking like they want to kill you – focus on your kid. The worst part about traveling is the stares, like you’re not doing everything in your power to stop this kid from crying. (Unless you’re not then shame on you.) I think when I realized that everyone was a baby and had gone through this and their moms might have gone through the same situation, I didn’t worry if Logan was crying or upset.

4. Keep the stroller and gate check. There is no reason for you to carry your baby or other kids, plus suit cases, etc. and struggle from the TSA line to your gate.

5. That brings me to another point. Pay the extra $25 or whatever to check in your bags. Don’t carry a roller suit case and a kid/baby – ever unless you really have to. Honestly, it’s not worth the stress.

6. Snacks and cheap toys. I found that snacks – and you don’t have to package them all crazy like in those individual containers, etc. Just have snacks. I also found that having cheap toys – like crayons, play dough, or something small and give it to them in segments. It keeps them entertained longer.

7. iPad – if you have one available. People are against giving kids an iPad but you know, they work and I’m okay with it keeping my sanity.

8. Board last – if you can. Boarding early = more time strapped to a chair. If I could be the last person to get on board, I would do it. This honestly gives them more time to run off excess energy.

That’s it. We’ve traveled with Logan to San Francisco, Denver (alone) and to Los Angeles, Tokyo and more… I’ve never had anything really bad to say about traveling with him and I think it’s because we’ve had realistic expectations I was somewhat already prepared for the worst. Hope this helps you on your journey, even if it’s a little bit of help!


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