Snowballs in Hawaii

Cam’s high school classmate was hired as the Pastry Chef for the new Royal Hawaiian Bakery. Loving everything about that hire because 1. she’s a woman 2. she’s young and 3. They needed a bakery at that place. I hate going there and there’s all that wonderful space/seating area and not a coffee shop to be found. Anyways, Cam was working in Waikiki and was smart enough to bring home some baked goods for Logan and I. Logan looks extremely happy holding that Snow Ball but after one bite, his expression changed completely. He is not a fan of coconut lol. The snow ball was exactly how I imagined it would be. Soft cake, creme filling covered in a meringue coating topped with shredded coconut. I felt like I could taste the pinkness of it lol!  I was glad he didn’t like it because duh, more for me. He did however like the banana bread so that went quickly. Can’t wait to try the rest of the menu! Make sure you stop by if you’re near or staying at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. The views alone are worth the visit.


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