Edible Rainbows

One more restaurant off my bookmarked list. We celebrated Logan’s birthday a little early at Crackin’ Kitchen last week. I highly recommend making reservations because we saw group after group of people get turned away or wait for long periods of time. I was able to make a quick reservation on Open Table but my only gripe with the reservation process was requesting an outdoor seat only to get there and find out that I would be seated inside. (I made the reservations pretty far in advance too.)

We ordered Kauai Shrimp mixed with their mild sauce (because of Logan) and a lot of sides. I really liked the flavor of their seasonings but I really hated how hard it was to peel the shrimp. The butter garlic noodles were good but I wasn’t a fan of the green onions and they also had too much raw garlic in there. At the end of dinner we opted for their art dessert which as you can see was beautiful! It’s $12.00 for fresh fruit, four malasadas and fruit puree poured out in a design. It’s kinda pricey considering what it is but it’s a beautiful treat and Logan’s smile was worth it.


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