Taste of Jersey

img_20170208_185253_226A little late but we visited Jersey Mike’s Sub during their grand opening week.  Once we entered, we were told by the owners (I’m assuming that’s who we were talking to) that the lines looked long but they move fast. He was right. We got in and out in about 10 minutes. The lines were very confusing and you could order with a worker that was standing near the deli case or at the deli case. I opted for a chicken teriyaki sub, I believe Cam ordered a philly and we got Logan a children’s sandwich. The bread was soft and crunchy, the sauces were flavorful and the amount of meat was perfect. A few weeks later we received a flyer offering a free sub and on that flyer was a chicken parmigiana sandwich. I was so excited that we headed over that very evening. Of course, they didn’t have it and I’m still upset to this day lol. I’m glad that these restaurants/chains are making the move to Hawaii. Logan’s learning to like “going out to dinner” and is starting to find his favorite places. He doesn’t know the names and it’s fun trying to decipher the restaurants based on his broken descriptions.


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