Your Vacation, Our Home.

Living in Hawaii means constant visitors! We get to see friends from all over and we get the chance to try different places that we normally wouldn’t go to.

I failed on capturing these “friend moments” but this past Friday a friend that I haven’t seen for over 15 years was staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village and we took the opportunity to meet up with them.

As we were waiting,  we checked out the property and Logan fell in love with the fish and ducks ponds that were scattered through the property. Kids love fish ponds lol.

If you haven’t visited the Hilton Hawaiian Village, it’s probably the most kid friend hotel on the island. There’s daily activities, water slides, close proximity to the mall, it’s beach front property so if you’re tired of the pool you can swim in the ocean plus the fireworks that go off on Friday evenings are at the lagoon behind the hotel.

When we finally met up, we ended up grabbing dinner at Tropics which is the worst example of hotel dining! (Service is great but food is pretty bland.) I get it, you’re at the resort and it’s easier but Hawaii in my opinion is one of the best dining destinations! I highly recommend eating outside of your hotel if you can. The local mall, plus the grocery store Foodland Farms, also located in the mall, has better dining options.

I’m glad I got to see her and her family even if it was for a short period of time. I love seeing my friends kids, and listening to how their lives have changed since high school. Best part is seeing their personalities show up in their kids lol.

Sometimes I get sad that I don’t have all my friends around but in the end, they all eventually visit, fall in love with this island and they always come back.


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