Shop the Block: Pipeline Bake Shop & Creamery

Cam was in Kaimuki a week ago and happened to get a free hair cut card from the students at the Paul Mitchell School. I ended up using the card for myself but I’ll write more about that later! So the weekend I went to Paul Mitchell was the same weekend as the Shop the Block event. They had vendors offering discounts and smaller sellers held pop up shops at some of the dining establishments. (I always forget how many dining options there are in this area and how cheap the parking is!) After my hair cut I stopped by Pipeline Bakery which sells Malasadas and other baked goods. Sandy Feet Hawaii had a pop up shop in their store and were selling clutches and other things. I was hoping to try their Valentine’s Day Strawberry Cake Bomb but it was sold out so I opted for the lemon. The Malasdas weren’t as good as the first time I had them and the cake bomb was really soft and wasn’t overly sweet. I might be giving the malasadas a bad review considering I was hot and tired when I finally got the chance to eat one. Well, I do hope they continue to have events like this and make it a little more lively because you never get the chance to really see what Kaimuki has to offer. If you’re reading this ever get the chance to visit Honolulu (and you’re a foodie) make Kaimuki a destination point because you won’t be disappointed! 


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