Review: Cafe Lani

Cafe Lani is a carb lovers heaven. The lines are long – try to make reservations if at all possible if not, expect to wait about 30-45 mins during peak dinner hours. We came here on a whim and I was so glad we went. This my 2nd time trying it and both meals have been wonderful. The service is kind of horrible but the unlimited bread makes it worth it. I do recommend coming earlier because the “unlimted” bread does slow down after a certain time. (that’s what we noticed).

So, I didn’t get to take a lot of food photos because Logan was using my phone to watch movies. It was the best way to keep him entertained while we had dinner. Cam ordered this delicious Omelette rice that was savory and buttery while I ordered a “seafood doria” which was buttery rice, Parmesan cheese (I think), mayo and tons of seafood. Again, both meals were delicious. We had our beers comped because they didn’t bring it out until we were almost done with dinner. The sauces for the bread were dropped off at the end of dinner as well – same reason. They just forgot. I am truly hoping that they don’t close this place down. It seems like Ala Moana has a tendcy to just shut places down after a while. I really can’t wait to come back to Cafe Lani and if you’re into delicious carbs, you should definitly try this out!


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