Bring back brunch!

One thing I really miss about being in California are the brunch spots. Lets be honest, I just miss the bottomless mimosas and loud music. We tried doing brunch at In-Yo at the Trump, Tommy Bahama and Bills but it wasn’t the same. Koko Head Cafe is really good but so rich (get the Elvis Revenge, you won’t regret it!). When I’m feeling particularly fancy, I head over to Moena Cafe in Hawaii Kai. It’s always loud, the lines are long and we always order too much food. (I have to write myself a note that Moena pancakes are huge and don’t order a full stack lol.) I wish that more restaurants offered a more exciting brunch. I’ve heard about Wang Chung’s and that’s on my list of places to go. I’ll write about it when that time comes! Well, if you do go to Moena Cafe – you can’t go wrong with their Banana Chantilly Pancakes. I highly recommend getting the smaller order because it’s a big ass pancake stack. If you eat a lot than that’s all you. If not, you’ve been warned.


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