Shoe love.

I was reading this article on Complex and it reminded me of times when I owned over 80 pairs of shoes which included a pretty cute collection of Nike’s that I picked up on various trips to Hawaii and sample sales. Times have changed and I’m a little more particular with how I spend my money and the clothes/shoes that I wear. Luckily for me, I have a little man that I am living vicariously through and he’s now wearing the shoes that I wished for as a child. Despite being 3, Logan has his own opinions on things and while he likes the shoes we pick out for him, he’ll occasionally ask for the velcro Paw Patrol shoes that he’ll see when we’re walking through Walmart. Being the jerk that I am, that ain’t happening. I still hate seeing kids in Crocs and those Native Brand shoes kill me. We happened to come across these Nike’s twice and it took my 2nd trip past it to give in and get them. I’m glad I did because they’re stinking cute.


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