Shirt: Top Banana Republic | Dress: (Red/Black Striped) H&M } White Dress Shirt: F21 | Blouse: Banana Republic | Blue Dress and Green Cardigan: Nordstrom | Black Striped Jacket: F21 | Grey Cardigan: Old Navy

Traveling for work sounds fun (sometimes it could be) but it’s exhausting and lonely. Thanks to some wonderful job opportunities, I’ve been able to travel to to Japan, Seattle, Amsterdam, London and so many other places. Again it sounds awesome but working/living out of a suitcase is hard. You miss your bed, your way of doing things and mostly, you miss your family. Luckily for me 5 Days isn’t too bad and I’ve been in a relatively nice spot. If you’ve never had to travel for work or if you just feel crazy when you travel, this is one thing that I (now) do that really helps me out. I highly recommend utilizing the closets and vanity areas (neatly!). When Cam and I took our trip together, I left everything in my suitcase and it became a big pile of stuff. Cam would neatly put away his clothes and he actually used the hotel room drawers! My thoughts were, I never want to forget anything so why take it out of the suitcase? Well, now that I think about it, there’s a higher chance I’ll misplace something because I was constantly throwing shit around all the time. So, here’s a quick little shot of my closet and my wrinkly clothes. (I had just taken it out of my suitcase lol). Having everything neatly prepared helps you as you’re getting ready for the day. Hopefully doing this one little thing eases you mentally when you’re on a trip. Happy traveling!



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