Classic beauty

dsc_9740dsc_9741 One the hardest things I’ve ever done in my career is shoot jewelry. Let’s get it straight, I wouldn’t even call myself an amateur photographer. I’m just (a lucky) someone with a camera and a vision in mind. A majority of the time I was shooting with my iPhone 5sE but on those rare occasions, I was able to shoot with a DSLR and even then, it’s hard to capture the real beauty of these jewels. I was able to shoot this strand at an event held with Maui Divers Jewelry and it was actually  given away to a wonderful attendee. I adore the beauty of the Black Tahitian Pearl and Maui Divers Jewelry does a great job of designing and creating these strands. There is something so effortlessly classic and chic about pearls. They never got out of style, they tell a story and there’s a rich history behind it. If you’re ever a lucky recipient of pearls, cherish them.


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