Traditions: Kinako Mochi

Having lived in Hawaii for the past four/five years, I’ve started adapting to the Japanese, Hawaiian Traditions over my own Filipino ones.I told myself this year would be the year that I started showing Logan more of our Filipino culture and I’ll document that here as we go. Every New Years Day, Cam’s mom makes fried mochi with Kinako powder. (We’ve missed one year since we were in Disneyland and obviously  didn’t have the ingredients with us.)  Some families in Hawaii have traditional mochi pounding events and for some, that mochi is distributed to friends/families. If you don’t have that connection, you can get yours at the local (in Hawaii or Asian)  grocery store. The kinako powder is mixed with sugar and sprinkled over the fried mochi. The kinako adds a little sweetness to the somewhat flavorless mochi. To me personally, it’s very unique flavor but I learned to love it. Cam can eat a dozen if left alone. Happy New Years everyone! Hope you’re keeping your family traditions alive.


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