Lessons in style…

Logan has an incredible wardrobe for a 3yr old. We don’t necessarily force him to wear things and honestly, if he wanted to walk out of the house in rain boots we’d let him. He does fight with us over wearing the same shirt over and over again and there are times when he wants to wear Aloha shirts to school and we’re like really?! The one thing he really get excited over is shoes. Our friend sent him these attachable wings and he immediately ran into his closet to find something to stick it on. We also went after Christmas shopping and I found matching Adidas Superstars in Leopard Print for super cheap. (like 2 for $50) He was excited because he finally has shoes that look like Cam’s. (Cam and I have matching Stan Smith’s and we didn’t get Logan a pair. He was pretty upset.) I wish I could be as fashionable as him.


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