Review: The Therapy

Ooh I like this one. Went to The Face Shop to get this Foot Peel thing and came home with samples of the Therapy Collection: Anti-Aging Formula. Not sure if it works but it feels like it’s tightening my skin and there’s not sheen to it when I’m done. There is a slight smell to it which is something I can probably get over if it works lol. Kinda offended that the worker gave this to me among all the other samples she could of handed me! (I’m kidding, I’m just sad that she thought I needed an anti-wrinkle cream lol). At least she gave me something. The last few visits to The Face Shop left me fuming. One time, the worker actually told me that they didn’t have foundation that was dark like my skin tone. I’m pretty light skinned – with the occasional bronzer and self tanners that I add on. I think her tone was the main reason why I was so upset. There were other times where the workers just ignored me altogether. So again, yeah for getting something!


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