Review: Face Shop – Smile Foot Peeling Mask

Between the sheet masks, anti-wrinkle creams and so on, there’s so many opportunities to refresh, rejuvenate and beautify yourself. I tried these feet peels a while ago and forgot how grossly wonderful they were. I didn’t read the instructions the first time around and ended up crawling on my hands and knees to the restroom because I had to keep the sheets on for 1.5hrs and I had to pee. I almost died walking with these plastic booties so that’s why I was on all fours. This time around I was prepared. I used the restroom, got some water, sat in front of the tv, remote in hand. 90 mins later, I carefully removed them and of course, nothing happened. Fast forward to three of four days later and my feet are practically peeling off. It’s gross but I told Cam, it felt like I was walking on new skin. My feet hurt. If you try these, I suggest doing it during a time that you know you won’t need to wear sandals. Your feet will look all kinda crazy during the peeling process. It’s totally worth it though!


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