Parent participation.

I felt like I mentally checked out of all of Logan’s school activities during the last week before winter break. I forgot about two field trips and this parent Christmas event. We scrambled to get shoes, a school shirt and again on this day, food for our luncheon. I did however start to realize how uninvolved I was with Logan and his events. Cam has been so awesome and he’s attend a few trips with his class. It’s great that he gets this time to spend with Logan. Having a kid and trying to balance a career is really hard. Trying to find the balance between fitness and spending time with Logan is hard too. I don’t know how parents do it. I feel like I miss so much but I also want to make sure that we can afford that tuition and future tuitions. I guess when he gets older, he’ll understand the sacrifices that we as parents made for him. In the mean time, half the parent participation is better than none.


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