Snaps and Snacks.

Jeans: One Teaspoon – Awesome Baggies | Shirt: Nordstrom | Cardigan: H&M kids

Came home to my most recent Chatbooks order and cracked up as I thumbed through the pages of Logan’s Snapchats. I’ve never actually posted any of them but I’m glad that I kept them all. Logan calls it “Snatchat” and it’s a great way to distract him when we’re out. The filters are hilarious too. We had dinner at La Tour in Aina Haina and we thought it was really slow until we realized that we were just eating dinner super early. The restaurant filled up real quick as we were leaving. I promised Logan “cookies” so we grabbed half a dozen macaron’s to share. I personally think these are way too expensive and they all taste the same. They are really pretty though.

Oh, if you’ve never heard of Chatbooks it’s pretty amazing. This company prints out your photos in this little book form and they mail it directly to you! I love using them as gifts for friends too. If you want to make one for yourself, use this link and get your first book for free!


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