Review: Serg’s Mexican Kitchen – Nalo

Of course there was this huge miscommunication about who was getting Logan an bike for Christmas. I ended up spending the afternoon trying to find any and all Paw Patrol bikes on this island. Actually, I first started looking for bikes at Walmart because it’s right next to my work and then it ended up becoming a “any bike” will work scenario. This whole “buy online and pick up in store” sucks too. Inventory is always “incorrect” and you’re stuck standing next to this worker and you can’t tell if he/she is telling the truth or if it’s a ploy to get you out of store faster. So fast forward to 4:30pm and Cam’s mom and I are at McCully’s Bike’s looking for a bike – no luck. Then we give up and Cam and I decide to head over to the Target in Kailua because apparently there is “ONE LEFT” in stock. Order now right? No. So, Cam doesn’t respond to my texts and I decide, we’ll just go there and figure it out. So we head out there and of course, it’s not in stock and not even in their warehouse. I find it online and turns out shipping was $11.00. All that stress for $11.00 shipping. So I get it shipped to me and on the way home we stopped at Serg’s in Waimanalo for a quick date night. It’s taco Tuesday and taco’s are $2.00 (even though all the Yelp comments said $1.50). Oh well, what’s $.50? The taco’s are delicious – as always and it makes me miss home. I picked out a mini pitcher of Strawberry Li-Hing Mui margarita and we crack up about the likelihood of this bike getting here before Christmas. I’m optimistic that it’ll get here but what do you think?


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