Beauty Review: Clinique 

I’m 33 but I honestly feel like I treat my skin like I’m in my twenties. I forget to use SPF (gasp I know!) I hate washing my make off at night (gross I know) and I don’t invest in a lot of anti-wrinkle creams. The most I do is use are samples that are given to me or are thrown into my bag after a transaction. I guess it makes for good blog content because I always have something to write about! I recently bought Cam a bottle of Clinque cologne and received all these products as part of a gift with purchase. I’ve been using these for about two weeks now and I can’t tell if there’s any difference in my appearance. I’ve been using it religiously and even twice a day for the Repairwear Laser Focus one. I did like how it didn’t have a scent to it and it didn’t make me break out – which is always a plus. Again, not sure if this is the right product for me and with the price tag of $48.50, it’s really not the right  thing for me. As for the Custom Repair Serum, that didn’t have much affect to my skin as well. That one did have a smell to it and I wasn’t happy that it kinda burned my skin when I used it. If anyone out there can recommend a good anti-wrinkle cream, it would be greatly appreciated!


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