Nordstrom: The Honest Company

Nordstrom hosted an event with The Honest Co. a few weeks ago and Jessica Alba was there to sign products. This is my one blurry photo but hey, we look great?! I had originally didn’t want to be in the photo but with all the chaos, I got stuck in here. I did want to shout out the guy taking the photo who thought it was more important to take a good family photo than to take a good photo of all us together. This day was such a blur but we got a wonderful gift and story to pass on to our friends. I would like to highlight that this was the most disorganized event that I’ve ever been to and extremely uncomfortable from a fan’s perspective. I watched a security guard push a small child out of the way to let Jessica Alba pass. Cam said he gets it because these celebrities deal with weirdo’s all the time and those weirdo’s have to ruin it for all us. Still, very interesting time and I was so happy because I was able to find Light Up Marquee Letters with all of our initials at Nordstrom. Logan also got a dinosaur and we all had a great take out dinner from our favorite restaurant Ruscello.


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