New Career path?

Can I add “goodie bag” maker on my resume? And then add bullet points that I made 20 gift bags while drinking wine and talking on the phone all in under 15 mins. That’s impressive right? You’d hire me right? Lol. Let’s also bring up the fact that the Walgreens near me had nothing  Christmasy, age appropriate for 3 to 4 yr olds and was nutfree and gluten free! So I had to make due with random snacks I found at the store?! (I’m kidding by the way, don’t be mad Walgreens I love you!) After my third circle through the Christmas isle, I gave up and got fruit snacks, Hello Panda and Hershey kisses. Was it always like this? I don’t remember my parents doing all these gift bags during school? Or maybe they did and I owe my mom a big thank you! But let me tell you the absolute worst part?! We’re not even supposed to distribute goodie bags yet the parents still do it! Parents sneak them in. They drop off small snacks to the kids for birthdays and I’m here thinking that now I have to do it too! All it takes is that one parent to change the game for everyone else lol! Why?! Ugh. So… here I am, the day before their last day of school (before winter break) packing snacks. All because one parent brought snacks lol.


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