Lets go: Hunukai Beach 

I hate hearing “this is the best” when it comes to people suggesting what you should do when visiting Oahu. Nothing is ever really the best and it’s what you make of that moment that makes it the best in your mind. There are tons of places on Oahu that you can go to and people will always say Lanikai is the best beach, Magic Island is good for kids, etc. To me, Hunukai Beach is still one of my favorites. Sitting on the shore, in your own little alcove makes you feel like your on this private island. You’re not stepping over people to get to the water and you don’t see that shiny build up on the water from all the sunscreen. I took this on a not so sunny day and as you can see, it’s still beautiful. The day that we took Logan here a family – I’m assuming they were tourists – were eating in the water. Weird I know. The top from their take out container came floating by me. It’s so upsetting so see things like that happen. As we were leaving, we made sure to clean up our surrounding area and left the beach exactly as we found it. Just a note to all the visitors, please leave no trace.


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