So Darling.

Top: Diamond Heart and Diamond Arrow Bracelet Bottom: Fresh Water Pearl, earring and diamond ring Maui Divers 

I’ve always had a hard time picking out jewelry. I was always scared that I’d be allergic or the jewelry would make me look weird and I was always concerned that I’d lose it or break it. I just didn’t value it as much as I should. That is, until Cam’s mom gave me this tiny jewelry box (not pictured) and of course, it took that little thing to keep my jewelry collection in check. I started to really be concerned about how I store my jewelry and made sure that I always put them back in their cases. I recently found and fell in love with these designs and now I want more. They’re just so delicate and simple. I love that I could stack them and it never over powered what I was wearing. I actually wore all of this to Logan’s soccer game and it looked perfectly fine with leggings, sneakers and a baseball hat. I guess life’s too short to not wear diamonds all the time lol. If you’re interested in the designs, you can buy them from Maui Divers Jewelry – they have stores in Hawaii as well as online.


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